You've finally taken the plunge and want to be able to write articles for this website. Thank you! It takes a certain amount of courage to expose your thoughts 'on screen' to the big wide web. It might seem daunting, but it's not that difficult. The following is a very brief guide on 'how to' write and submit an article for a [Joomla based] website. Once you get started you won't want to stop. It's fun. Here goes...


After you've logged in you'll see these extra menu items just above your login;

article1Click on the 'Submit an Article' link.







You'll now see the article editor and its menu bar. It looks like most word processing menu bars with its icons and buttons. There's also the 'save' and 'cancel' buttons. Only click the 'save' button once you've finished writing your article.

aritcle menubar









There's a few more buttons just below the text writing box;

more buttons

image = insert an image into your article. Please make your picture just big enough to be seen clearly on screen. Please resize your picture to a maximum width of 400 pixels.

Pagebreak= you're going to write an epistle. People will want to read only a page of stuff at a time. So put in a page break. An epistle writer eh? Have you thought about becoming a book writer? Like war and peace or something equally light and fluffy :-)

Read more= Just write enough to whet people's appetites. Then push this button and it'll say 'Read more...' on the web page. Clever or what. It's sortof the 'to be continued' version of web articles.

Linkr= make a link to another article on this website.


 Where should my article go?where-to

Choose a 'Section' then a 'Category'.


Do you want to show this on the frontpage of the site? Usually the answer is 'yes'.

If you don't want to show your real ID you may fill in an author alias [like bob the builder] and the article will be written by 'bob the builder'.

The start publishing date means the article will be seen from that date. The 'finish publishing' date is when it won't be visible anymore.

Access level should usually be 'public'. That means everyone can see this.


What about a description?



Describe what the article is about here. Not neccessary but really handy if others are searching for it on the web. or, ofcourse, searching for it on our website.




Keywords are what the article could be headed under. eg; surfing, photography, memory.



What section?


 Pick a section first, only then can you pick the 'category'






 In this example, I chose the 'people' section. Now I can choose from these categories. Different sections show different lots of categories. Have a think about which section and category your article will best fit in. Who is your target audience? Who is most likely to read this article?




IF you have pasted text from a word processor or other document, would you please highlight the entire pasted text and then click on  '..Styles..' - 'Paragraph'. That will ensure that the article will have the same look as all other articles. Ofcourse you can still format headings etc. We just want the main body of text to retain a uniform look. That makes it easier on viewer's eyes.


Once you've finished writing your article, click the 'Save' button, next to the 'cancel' button. That will put your article in the 'to be approved' queue. Once it's approved it will then appear on the website.


This has been an extremely brief overview on how to write and  submit an article on a joomla based website.