Firstly, thank you for wanting to be a part of the worship teams. It is one of the most visible tasks in a regular worship service and something that never ceases to extract a range of emotions from all stakeholders. There are a range of tasks to undertake, each with its own responsibilities. This article aims to clarify what those responsibilities are. Please note: these will change and we will do our very best to inform team members of changes,in consultation, and before they are published online.

If you need to view the chord sheet, lead sheet or vocal sheet, you will have to login to 'Box' on the Music menu of this website.

MD (Music Director)

Your role is:

  1. to ensure everyone, at practice, practices the songs
  2. is aware of their part to play and have the relevant sheet music available
  3. to encourage practise at home.
  4. text all team members with the song list for the coming sunday by no later than Wednesday
  5. communicate with the service leader, to ensure all songs chosen, are able to be played and/or
  6. download the leadsheet, vocalsheet or chordsheet, in the correct key, for the coming sunday


Your role is:

  1. Check your phone/email for the list of songs chosen for this coming sunday
  2. if you are unfamiliar with the song(s), go to the 'music links' page on the church's website and listen to it
  3. practise all the songs at home on your instrument before sunday's 9am practice.
  4. ask for help from your music team [text someone] if you are stuck on a song.
  5. be at 9am practise ready to practise the songs [again and again probably...]

Service Leader

Your role is:

  1. Contact the preacher for the theme/topic of the sermon, and if the preacher is agreeable, choose the songs which focus on that theme or topic.
  2. Select the songs from the current month's songlist by mid week.
  3. Liaise with the MD then finalise the chosen songs.
  4. Let the MD send the list on.
  5. Write an order of service
  6. Have 8 photocopies of the order of service available to the worship team at song practice.
  7. On the day, the service leadeer doesn't have to stay on the stage, you may sit down if you wish.
  8. You are not obliged to sing or be part of the band.

Sheet music

  • The church has a subscription for sheetmusic with 'Songselect' which automatically links to CCLI.
  • A request for a 'new' song goes to R.Bouman or Z.Drake.
  • You should not download sheetmusic from a different source and expect it to be used. We must comply with copyright.
  • In our current song rotation scheme, we may reasonably expect to learn 12 new songs annually.

A/V team


  • input songlist
  • input bible verses
  • input any media, as agreed with person who wishes the media to be displayed on that Sunday
  • run through songs with music team
  • record the sermon using 'audacity' software
  • copy recorded sermon, as an mp3, to usb provided and hand to website administrator


  • setup microphones for music team
  • adjust volumes for music team members and their foldbacks
  • adjust volumes for general worship area
  • ensure signal out and appropriate level for the computer recording the sermon
  • adjust foyer volume levels