These are the keys our music teams have decided on. They are not necessarily the key intended by the original performer/writer.


  1. B God is able
  2. G I give you my heart
  3. E And that my soul knows very well
  4. A Christ is enough
  5. A Good good Father
  6. C It is well (hymn)
  7. C Holy holy holy (praise him)
  8. D Holy holy holy (hymn)
  9. A How great is our God
  10. D When I survey the wondrous cross (hymn)
  11. B Draw me close
  12. E Refiner's fire
  13. G No other name
  14. D I know whom I have believed (hymn)
  15. E My Redeemer lives
  16. D Open the eyes of my heart
  17. E This is our God
  18. Bb Come as you are
  19. C O praise the name
  20. C Happy day
  21. C Great in power
  22. C Chain breaker
  23. F Thrive
  24. C Come thou fount
  25. G Eagles Wings
  26. A Blessed be your name
  27. C What a friend we have in Jesus ("The rose")
  28. B O come to the altar
  29. F Take time to be holy
  30. G Your name
  31. D I surrender all
  32. C We believe
  33. A You are near
  34. G O come all ye faithful
  35. F Away in a manger
  36. Bb Silent night
  37. D Joy to the world
  38. G We three kings
  39. F Hark the herald angels
  40. G Gloria in excelsis deo
  41. D Desert song
  42. D The church's one foundation (Aurelia)
  43. G It is well (through it all my eyes are on you)
  44. F O for a thousand tongues to sing
  45. D Amazing love (You are my King)
  46. D How deep the father's love for us
  47. Eb Man of sorrows
  48. D Never alone
  49. D In the tomb so cold they laid Him
  50. F Jesus Messiah
  51. A Low in the grave (up from the grave he arose)
  52. G The anthem (chorus = hallelujah, he has won the victory..)
  53. Eb In Christ alone
  54. E Here I am to worship
  55. D Amazing grace (my chains are gone)
  56. G God of wonders
  57. E Indescribable
  58. A How great thou art (hymn)
  59. G You are holy (prince of peace)
  60. A Shout to the Lord
  61. E And that my soul knows very well
  62. B You never let go
  63. C Still
  64. D Jesus (Chris Tomlin)
  65. A Shine Jesus shine
  66. G The Potter's hand
  67. D Come, now is the time to worship
  68. F We are blessed (bring heaven to earth)
  69. A Take all of me
  70. C Before the throne of God above
  71. C Go forth...

Firstly, thank you for wanting to be a part of the worship teams. It is one of the most visible tasks in a regular worship service and something that never ceases to extract a range of emotions from all stakeholders. There are a range of tasks to undertake, each with its own responsibilities. This article aims to clarify what those responsibilities are. Please note: these will change and we will do our very best to inform team members of changes,in consultation, and before they are published online.

If you need to view the chord sheet, lead sheet or vocal sheet, you will have to login to 'Box' on the Music menu of this website.

MD (Music Director)

Your role is:

  1. to ensure everyone, at practice, practices the songs
  2. is aware of their part to play and have the relevant sheet music available
  3. to encourage practise at home.
  4. text all team members with the song list for the coming sunday by no later than Wednesday
  5. communicate with the service leader, to ensure all songs chosen, are able to be played and/or
  6. download the leadsheet, vocalsheet or chordsheet, in the correct key, for the coming sunday


Your role is:

  1. Check your phone/email for the list of songs chosen for this coming sunday
  2. if you are unfamiliar with the song(s), go to the 'music links' page on the church's website and listen to it
  3. practise all the songs at home on your instrument before sunday's 9am practice.
  4. ask for help from your music team [text someone] if you are stuck on a song.
  5. be at 9am practise ready to practise the songs [again and again probably...]

Service Leader

Your role is:

  1. Contact the preacher for the theme/topic of the sermon, and if the preacher is agreeable, choose the songs which focus on that theme or topic.
  2. Select the songs from the current month's songlist by mid week.
  3. Liaise with the MD then finalise the chosen songs.
  4. Let the MD send the list on.
  5. Write an order of service
  6. Have 8 photocopies of the order of service available to the worship team at song practice.
  7. On the day, the service leadeer doesn't have to stay on the stage, you may sit down if you wish.
  8. You are not obliged to sing or be part of the band.

Sheet music

  • The church has a subscription for sheetmusic with 'Songselect' which automatically links to CCLI.
  • A...



  • The first Saturday of every month.
  • March 5, April 2, May 7, June 4, July 2, August 6, September 3, October 1, November 5, December 3


  • At Naringal Church


  • Everyone on the music roster [including the non-mentioned 'string section' and the AV team]


  • Starts 10am
  • practise until lunch [12noon]
  • resume practise at 12.30ish
  • until 2pm at the latest


  • Musicians bring...

The video links to the songs are to give you a general idea and feel for the song. It is not our aim to perfectly replicate, in rhythm, key or 'feel' these songs at practice or at church worship. More than likely, we'll "Naringalify" these to suit.

If you need to view the chord sheet, lead sheet or vocal sheet, you will have to login...