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August 2018- Art gallery

Published: Monday, 13 August 2018

This month's artist is Rebecca Fullerton. The charcoal drawings of African animals and children were made as card designs to sell and support the 40 hour famine. A branch from World Vision, this mission strives to provide education, especially agriculturally, to families struggling to provide for themselves in developing countries.
The canvasses, Children of Light (acrylic), were created as part of my unit 3/4 studio art project. Looking heavenward and knowing Christ's redemption and salvation, this work intends to give hope to the weary, be it to children depicted as trafficed into slavery (a carrier, a soldier, a prostitute) or missionaries in third world countries striving to share the wonderful news of Jesus love.
May you find hope in Jesus Christ, the kingdom of heaven is near.

June Art Gallery - Andrew Suggett

Published: Monday, 11 June 2018

ag 1We are privileged to display some of the artwork from local artist Andrew Suggett. Here's a little about him.

"I had enjoyed drawing in the distant past, (very intricate pen and ink drawings) but employment and other commitments took up most of my time.
Art took a backwards step! In 2001, I was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease, and for many years I completely lost confidence in my ability to draw and paint.

About five years ago, my younger daughter Kathryn gave me a Christmas present of a wood burning kit.( A little like an electric soldering iron) Some time later I plugged the tool in and drew some small scenes and objects into three ply scraps of timber.

ag 2

 I found that I was able to alter my style of drawing and painting to partly accommodate the effects of the Parkinson’s in my hands, and I continue to experiment with pen and wash and water colours.
I think that the style of my paintings is very much more casual than I was able to do earlier, and I am enjoying challenge.Painting and carving to me is purely a hobby, pastime I enjoy and I hope that I can continue painting for many years to come."


Art - Sarah Curtis

Published: Sunday, 01 April 2018
Art - Sarah Curtis

Our guest artist for Mar/April is Sarah Curtis. Sarah is a practising artist and university student from Mildura. She has completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts and is currently studying psychology in Gippsland. Sarah draws inspiration for her paintings directly from God and Scripture, using her work as a platform…

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Published: Sunday, 17 December 2017

The current art works will be on display until early February. The art works are by Patrick Hallinan in combination with art from our Kids Alive children. Thank you to Patrick for mounting the children's fantastic works of art. Patrick enjoys creating poetry and art and below is a little…


Art gallery August 2017

Published: Thursday, 03 August 2017
Art gallery August 2017

This month's art gallery displays the work of Caroline Healey. Caroline Healey is an artist from the UK who in 2014, after two years of worldwide travels, found home in inspiring South West Victoria. Heavily influenced by her immediate surroundings, Caroline’s work illustrates the beautiful local landscape.

Since her arrival…

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Art gallery April 2017: Kent Wilkins

Published: Saturday, 01 April 2017
Art gallery April 2017: Kent Wilkins

Our second exhibition in our art gallery is by Kent WilkensHe was born in Nottingham, England, while his father was stationed there with the RCAF. The family then moved to back to Ontario where Kent spent most of his childhood and teens.Since early childhood Kent was interested in drawing and…

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Art gallery Feb-March 2017: Moyne Art group

Published: Friday, 17 February 2017
Art gallery Feb-March 2017: Moyne Art group

It's been some time in the planning but we were very pleased to have our first exhibition in our large foyer with beautiful art by the Moyne Art group. Their work is displayed during February-March 2017. They were keen to have their work displayed. This group was established by a handful…

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