One of the biggest hurdles and things that weigh us down is what we think others think of us. If  you want to get to know Jesus, or already are a follower of Jesus, maybe one extra thing you battle with is how God, the Father sees you. You can probably cope with the concept of Jesus 'by our side' and maybe you'll even get your head around the holy Spirit living in us as our counsellor. Can you possibly be wrong about how God, the Father, thinks of you?

One of the most heart revealing stories that Jesus told is the one about 'the prodigal son'. In it Jesus reveals what God the Father really thinks about you. It's really worth reading so here's a link to the story in the new testament part of the Bible, and, a paraphrased version here. Also, here's a link to a Skitguys video.

We would love to see you all again next week at Naringal Church.