We, the Naringal Baptist Church, believe that God has called us to be The ‘Light of Christ’ to our Rural Community.

In humble dependence upon God and in the power of the Holy Spirit we will seek to fulfill this calling by:

Worshipping together
in ways that celebrate the truth of the gospel, that encourage and use the gifts God has given us,
and that build up our sense of fellowship and belonging.

Building up and equipping God's people
for life and service through regular prayer and Bible study in order that they may grow to be mature in Christ.

Proclaiming the gospel
and sharing our faith in Jesus Christ  with those in our community in order that we may see them commit their lives to Jesus, be baptized and enter into the joy of God’s Kingdom.

Responding in loving and practical ways
to the needs of people within the church family and in the wider community;
caring for them in accordance with the Biblical call to act justly and love mercy